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Ana Carolina Brönnimann on Beauty and Leadership

Ana Carolina Brönnimann on Beauty and Leadership

Excited to be sharing the second extraordinary female leader in our series on Beauty and Leadership.

Ana Carolina Brönnimann Lipstick of Choice: Temptation Rouge and Naked Hydration 

Ana Carolina Brönnimann is a legal and compliance consultant at one of the "big four." Her talent and skillset connect women in both per personal life and her career. She has a deep passion for global initiatives and is constantly giving back to the local and international community, inspiring those around her through her dedication and fervor.

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Ana's smile and presence warm the hearts of the people she encounters, and her beauty shines through in all of those who encounter her.

Ana believes in looking for the best of what someone has to offer. As a leader, one can pull from them their own dreams, goals, and ambitions and then support the individual to achieve and express them. As a leader, it is important to work with the individual and understand their goals and character. A team can work miracles towards achieving a common goal when the individual is seen and honored as well. Ana's presence speaks volumes about her belief that performance is at its peak when individuals can connect and live out their own essence.

"Femininity is linked to the notion of caring. This means higher levels of compassion and empathy. Qualities that any authentic leader holds."
- Ana Carolina Brönnimann

Beauty in Leadership

Women should not be reluctant to express their femininity. Especially if this expresses a part of her essence. Femininity is intricately tied to who one is as a woman and makes her unique. It is part of her essence, regardless of her working environment.

For example, lipstick and polished nails are traditionally regarded as signs of feminine beauty. However, interestingly, these beauty touches are also often seen as "too much," depending on the color of the lipstick or polished nails that the person decides to wear. Why do we judge the wearer based on the boldness or shade of the color of lipstick? For example, a bright red or a deep burgundy.


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Beauty Applications
Ana loves to use beauty and cosmetic products as a staple in her self-care routine. She notes how they enhance her confidence and are a cherished part of taking care of her own essence as a woman going into her day.

Ana is particularly drawn to colorful nail polishes and lipsticks. They exude her own inner drive and passion for her life and her commitments while beautifully enhancing and portraying the warmth and color she brings to those around her.

Ana strongly believes that beauty should not play a role in leadership discussions. Beauty is simply one trait among many that a great leader holds, performing their function with authenticity and excellence.

Favorite Lipstick Shades

"I don't have a favorite lipstick color. My lipstick color of the day or night will be decided based on my mood and the image I want to convey."
- Ana Carolina Brönnimann

As with many of the female leaders we have spoken to, Ana shares the same view that beauty is a mode of self-expression. It is an innate characteristic that should be cherished as an accompaniment to all of the other unique attributes great leaders possess.

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Standing for Change
Be as authentic as possible in whatever you do in your life, despite possible opinions or judgments. Dare to wear the lipstick you want. Dare to wear the shade of nail polish you love. Dare to express yourself as the beautiful person you are with your many facets. Dare to represent yourself through your beauty as the amazing woman you are.

Thank you, Ana Carolina Brönnimann, for your passion, dedication, and commitment, and for supporting those around you. You are an inspiration already for many women.

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