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Carrie Wooten on Beauty and Leadership - Director of Learning & Development, at Insight Global.

Carrie Wooten on Beauty and Leadership - Director of Learning & Development, at Insight Global.


In today's world, beauty and leadership are often seen as separate entities which do not intertwine. This stigma for women is beginning to shift and here at Willow Rose Cosmetics we are stepping out to shift the paradigm of superficial beauty and highlight how some of the amazing female leaders around the world use beauty to express their authentic selves in leadership.


Our Beauty and Leadership Series is a series of exceptional female leaders who have partnered with us here at Willow Rose Cosmetics. Each female leader has chosen her favorite Willow Rose lipstick shade, which best represents one aspect of how beauty and leadership intertwine for them. As well as how their chosen shade represents their authentic expression of leadership and beauty as one.


Talented and gorgeous female leaders across the globe have come together with Willow Rose Cosmetics to help us inspire the next generation of female leaders. To inspire their inner beauty, their authentic selves, and their own inner courage, empowerment, and self-worth, to know they can move through this life with grace and beauty and be leaders themselves. Leading from their own authentic inner strengths.


Introducing Carrie Wooten

Carrie Wooten + CEO + Women in Beauty + Women in Leadership + Clean Beauty + Organic + Boss Babe

We are so pleased to share with you one of our most recent interviews with the amazing Carrie Wooten. She is not only the Director of Learning & Development at Insight Global. She is also a mother and creator and has such a beautiful presence that spills over to inspire those around her and hopefully yourselves as well.


Carrie's definition of leadership is anyone who can positively influence and inspire those around them. Carrie is a dedicated servant and transformational leader. She believes in giving more to those who work for her or at lower levels in the company than they give to formal leadership. She beautifully describes how a good leader serves first and mentors others to discover their potential.


Carrie's views on femininity and leadership are one of perfect balance. Femininity and leadership are a great balancing act, and powerful balancing act! Women are traditionally raised to sacrifice and care for others, which naturally creates empathetic and servant leaders. When we, however, add in confidence and a valuable hard skill set, one has the makings of a fantastic leader.


"I've also heard the, "you're really pretty…we didn't expect you to be smart or the decision-maker in the room" says Carrie.


She describes how this surprise effect is actually a powerful moment when leveraged well. It keeps others on their toes, being surprised with your achievements. Your own self, skills, and inner strengths are your superpowers.


Through Carrie's experience in leadership she has noted that one of the easiest parts of being a woman in leadership, and has been widely advantageous, is that people are naturally more transparent with women than men. She describes how she gets authentic feedback and employees sharing their personal and professional challenges with her in a natural and flowing way. For women, listening with empathy is typically a natural gift. As leaders, we can harness these natural gifts to support and empower those around us.  


"The challenge is perfecting command presence in a room, and having a strong voice while remaining approachable and supportive to others" Carrie Wooten.


Being able to perfect this balance between the soft, feminine sides and the strong leadership sides is the ultimate strength when developing into leaders as women ourselves.


Makeup, Femininity and Leadership

"I feel more professional and polished when I'm wearing makeup. It gives me this unstoppable confidence and presence. It's also a way for me to add hints of expression and enjoy the responsibility of being a woman in leadership, having a seat at the table with men, while also feeling, "yea…this is fun. My lips and heels look good today!"" - Carrie Wooten


Carrie beautifully describes how for her how beauty brings people in. When one looks polished, confident, and energised, they are beautiful, and the right people naturally migrate to be part of your circle. A great circle of influence can make or break a leader.


"My lipstick preference changes with the season, just like I do sometimes! I'm constantly trying to develop myself both personally and professionally, and I love showing that through cosmetics as well. When I want to feel extra bold or confident, I throw on a great red! When I want to feel calm, relaxed, and poised, I throw on a light shimmer or a blush pink."


Advice for Next Generations of Women in Beauty and Leadership

Authenticity brings the right people and opportunities to light. Especially now, in today's world, people are hungry for authentic and transparent leaders. Leaders who are also human not strictly operating as their role or title implies. Enjoy the journey, savour the process, and become great in your way and in your time.


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