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Colorology in Every Lipstick

Colorology in Every Lipstick

For centuries, color therapy has been used for healing. Throughout history, countries such as Egypt and Ancient China were pioneers in color therapy. Throughout the history of these cultures, color was used to support individuals. 

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Historical Benefits of Color

  • Colors such as red were deemed to stimulate the body and mind. It was also thought that it helps increase blood circulation. 
  • The color yellow was thought to stimulate nerves and help purify the body. 
  • The color orange was used for healing lungs and to increase energy levels. 
  • The color blue was deemed to relieve pain.

The launch of our Obsession Collection brings you the ancient powers of colorology. We have carefully formulated specific shades of reds and pinks, intertwining undertones of burgundy, mauve, shimmer, blue, and brown to develop the ultimate colors to match your desired mood.


Obsession Collection Colors

Obsession Rouge: a rich burgundy-plum shade perfect for plump lips drenched in color. A true celebration of your sultry side.

Obsession Rouge + Willow Rose + Lipstick + Cosmetics

Seduction Rouge: a classic red for the bold women who dare to stand out from the crowd. The statement color that exudes a captivating and vibrant quality will have you feeling like you can take on the world. The Willow Rose Seduction Lipstick isn’t for the faint hearted, for the women who dream big and are unforgettable.

Seduction Rouge + Willow Rose + Cosmetics + Lipstick

Passion Rouge: a berry red shade perfect for plump lips drenched in color. For a celebration of your sultry side, and a woman that wants to make a statement no matter the occasion.

Passion Rouge + Willow Rose + Cosmetics + Colorology

Temptation Rouge: a divine warm rose pink shade that is captivating and celebrates your femininity. The pretty hue will have you looking and feeling radiant like the goddess that you are.

Temptation Rouge + willow Rose + Lipstick + Colorology

Persuasion Rouge: a beautiful shimmer coral pink shade for women who love to embrace their femininity. The hue will bring out the best in your eye color and will complement all your favourite makeup looks. 

Persuasion Rouge + Willow Rose + Lipstick + Colorology

Based on the different colorology types within each of our Obsession Collection shades, you will find yourself experiencing the stimulating powers of color on the brain and mind. In turn, each Obsession Collection Colorology shade is designed to reinforce confidence in your desired level of mood and appearance.

All colors have been studied in labs in Italy, Switzerland, and the USA to bring the best performance and the delectable excitement and confidence we all seek when applying the perfect lipstick shade.

Upholding our promise to clean beauty and the environment is extremely important to us. All our formulas are entirely organic. We have designed these ingredients intentionally to protect our beautiful wildlife when not organic. For example, we have chosen not to use natural wax as to not harm or endanger the bees. This is also the reason why we have selected only two synthetic ingredients.

Willow Rose continues to provide the highest quality luxury lip cosmetics worldwide while using the latest technology and machinery to create the highest quality products for you.

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