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The Willow Rose Journey - Until Now

The Willow Rose Journey  - Until Now

Welcome to the Willow Rose journey. It all began a few years back, when our founder, Willow Rose suffered some health issues. Her skin had become very sensitive and most skincare and cosmetics were drying or irritating her skin. She wanted to find products that were gentle on the skin, sensitive to all skin types, and which nourished her skin and the environment.


60 to 70% of women and 50-60% of men report having skin sensitivity. The factors resulting from skin sensitivity are numerous, such as with age the skin becomes thinner and drier.


Certified organic and natural, anti-aging, beneficial for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types. We use the latest research on anti-aging actives (hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, betaine, caffeine, CBD, niacinamide, organic plant and floral extracts). The product line is composed of skincare solutions such as: facial creams, gel boosters, serums, toners, and more. We provide solutions for the longevity of your skin, improving skin elasticity, lift and glow at all stages.


Our boxes and packaging materials are 50% recycled and 100% recyclable. Our ingredients have a transparent production and manufacturing system, and we are moving towards being 100% recycled and sustainable by 2024 (packaging, logistics, ingredients).


Willow Rose products are already available online at You can also find a list of our sales partners under the partner link in our website, where the products are already being sold (Galaxus, North-Coast Coop, Stay Healthy, Krogers, ...).

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