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Willow Rose and Clean Beauty Lipsticks

Willow Rose and Clean Beauty Lipsticks

With the growing importance of protecting our Mother Nature and a shift towards conscious consumption of products that are safe and natural, clean beauty is an important topic of discussion. With clean beauty at the centre of our core values at Willow Rose, we’re sharing why it’s essential and more information about the ingredients in our lipsticks.


What is Clean Beauty and Why Is It Important?


Clean beauty includes products that are non-toxic, safe to use on your skin and who’s label is transparent and includes all the ingredients. The products don’t contain mystery ingredients labelled as things they are not and eliminate as many toxins as possible. It is important to learn more about the products in your daily routine as some companies may use misleading claims that don’t correctly reflect their products. We invite you to look at your current skincare and makeup collection to determine the safety of the products.


Choosing clean beauty products is beneficial for your skin, health, and the environment at large. With the rise of sensitive skin due to our increased exposure to pollution, stress, processed food and everyday products, our increasing consumer knowledge of harmful ingredients, and a shift to a cruelty-free and eco-friendly lifestyle, we are now looking for safe alternatives that still provide the same experience.


Our Willow Rose Lipsticks

At Willow Rose, we dedicated time to researching the best and safest ingredients that are high-performing and have as little environmental impact as possible. To develop our sublime and exquisite range of lipsticks, Willow Rose travelled the world in search of the finest quality ingredients. Sourcing from Palm Beach, Paris, Zurich, and Asia, to bring you the world’s best. With advancements in the beauty industry and technology, we don’t compromise on quality or effectiveness. We strive to make your experience with our lipsticks as luxurious, pure, and healthy as possible.


All the ingredients in our lipsticks and our manufacturing processes are organic, natural, paraben free, vegan and cruelty free to provide you with the ultimate clean beauty experience. We use ingredients like aloe vera, organic olive oil, cupuacu seed butter, organic castor seed oil, and organic sweet almond oil so our lipsticks are not only highly pigmented and have a beautiful finish but are also deeply moisturizing and beneficial for your skin.


Obsession Collection

Willow Rose Obsession Collection Lipsticks


Empower your inner goddess and be sure that you are investing in clean beauty with our Obsession Collection of lipsticks. Featuring 8 delectable shades to suit your every mood, they are designed for women around the world who adore to be striking, sensuous and luscious while also taking care of the environment and themselves. The luxury gift sets are a beautiful way to treat yourself, or for a thoughtful gift for a special woman in your life.


The range includes all the essentials from coral pink and warm rose pink to soft berry and berry red, to the most flawless classic red you will find. We’re excited to for you to dazzle your way through life. Shop the Obsession Collection here.


We hope this blog post has informed you on the importance of clean beauty and put your mind at ease to know that Willow Rose is your new go-to lipstick that you can feel good about wearing. If you have any questions about clean beauty or our lipsticks, please comment below and we will happily help. And as always, follow us on Instagram at @willowrosecosmetics for all things Willow Rose and information about our product launches.

Willow Rose Temptation Rouge Lipstick - Obsession Collection


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