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Willow Rose Community

Willow Rose Community

What does it mean to be a “Willow Rose VIP” member?

There is something very special about the “Willow Rose Community” members. We all share something in common and thrive for eloquence, passion and beauty. As a very special customer, you benefit from exclusive advantages. Willow Rose provides a limited number of keys to exclusive individuals. Thanks to this key, you can be informed of every new collection and benefit from 1 week pre-sales. You have the opportunity to obtain one of our exclusive and limited products before anyone else.

What are the benefits of becoming a “Willow Rose VIP” member?

FOR ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS, you are invited to our presale session for every collection. You benefit from 1 week of pre-sales to obtain exclusive and limited products.

How to become a “Willow Rose VIP” member?

Become a member "Willow Rose VIP"! you can contact Willow Rose in order to request your VIP membership. When buying an exclusive product you may be part of our limited number of selected profiles to receive a key which will give you access to the VIP room. Finally, a certain number of keys can be distributed according specific criteria selection.

What are the conditions for participating in “Willow Rose VIP”?

1. PARTICIPATION IN THE WILLOW ROSE COMMUNITY PROGRAM The operator of the Willow Rose Community program is Willow Rose Cosmetics, West Palm Beach, FL USA, (hereinafter "Willow Rose"). Any natural person over 16 years of age living in the country where they apply for registration can participate in the Willow Rose Community program.

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