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Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. Our team at eResonance works with you to support the development of your own personal self-care toolkit. Our products are designed and based on research of 100% organic, sustainable and recyclable products that are effective in reducing stress, and promoting self-care. 

Through our experience, it has became apparent, how much room there is in the world to support people more thoroughly with a 360-degree approach to stress, panic, and anxiety. We believe health is a personalized journey and we are proud to be a part of your stress reduction journey

We are here to walk with you along your self-care journey. Through expert tips and trustworthy methods, you’ll soon be calm in a way you never thought possible. Try our eResonance Toolkits today to find the change you’ve been seeking.










By supporting eResonance you are not only supporting small farmers, but also women in third world countries. We plant trees around the globe to offset our carbon footprint. We also donate to CAMFED to support women in Africa with education, and connect our community wherever possible. Community is at the hear of everything we do, and this is why not only organic but sustainability is so important for us. Your purchase is not only supporting a sustainable family run business, but supporting the new transparency mindset of business, and giving back to the community to offset our CO2 footprint. 









We also constantly question how sustainable we are, and how we can improve. Organic is not always sustainable, and we truly value our community. This does not only mean our customers, but it means our employees, our farmers, our producers, and our suppliers.










We are currently 95% plastic free.








We work with family owned companies and farms. All of our oils are distilled with tested sustainable and transparent methodology. All oil batches are tested individually through labs and our organic certifications and MSDS are available upon request.

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