Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

A few years back due to some health issues, I started to increase my exercise and fitness. I wasn’t able to find any makeup which was sustainable and lasted during my whole sports sessions. On top of that, my skin was extremely sensitive and most of the cosmetics were drying out my skin and causing some irritation.



I decided to create Willow Rose. A brand which takes care of your skin sensitivity, is sustainable, organic, clean beauty, and keeps your lips hydrated and flawless during any physical activity.

Since the launch of the brand back in January 2022, I will often get comments from women like…”I only use organic”, or “my skin is too sensitive”. You, beautiful ladies, are exactly who we had in mind when formulating my products.

Don’t let the luxurious packaging fool you. Inside is 100% organic and natural with plant extracts designed to hydrate and be soothing on your skin.

AND… to take it even a step further, I wanted to avoid you having that awful chapped feeling that often comes when wearing lipstick all day. For this reason, I have added to every order in my Obsession Collection, one Naked Hydration Lip Formula. This is the perfect vitamin E hydrating and nourishing lip balm you need to soothe your lips. If you apply it before you apply your lipstick, before a workout, before applying your makeup. It acts as the perfect barrier to protect and soothe for 4-6 hours. And for those with extra sensitive lips, don’t forget to apply it again after you have removed your lipstick. Its the best recovery treatment there is!

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